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Contractor Bonds

Arkansas Contractor Bonds

In Arkansas, a contractor bond guarantees that the contractor will comply with the state’s guidelines and codes. Surety bonds are often required of contractors to guarantee to the obligee and consumers that financial compensation is available for those harmed as a result of a contractor failing to abide by local and state laws.

Why do Arkansas contractors need a bond? 

Before a commercial contractor can get a license in Arkansas, they must submit proof of a $10,000 license bond. The bond ensures to the Arkansas State Licensing Board that the contractor will follow regulations and industry standards they set forth. For example, if a contractor were to knowingly perform work that strays from building code, the property owner could make a claim on their bond to pay for the damages. This encourages contractors to comply with regulations to avoid the risk of a claim.

Contractor Bonds for the Department of Environmental Quality

The Department of Environmental Quality is responsible for licensing contractors planning to install, repair, upgrade, close, or test underground storage tanks. The bond must be in an amount of $25,000 and is written in favor of the Department in the event the state or consumers suffer financial loss as a result of the contractor failing to adhere to applicable rules and regulations.

County and Municipally-Required Contractor Bonds

Many counties and municipalities in Arkansas have established their own licensing and permitting process for contractors to be eligible to work within them including the requirement for contractors to have a surety bond on file with the city or county. The best way to ensure you are meeting the proper surety bond requirements is to verify the licensing or permitting process with the county or city in which you plan on working.

Many of these surety bonds are available for purchase online at minimal cost to the contractor.

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