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Contractor Bonds

Indiana Contractor Bonds

How to obtain an Indianapolis contractor license

Contractors are required to be licensed by the city of Indianapolis before they can be hired and begin working. Classifications of contractors that must be licensed include electrical, general, HVAC, plumbing, and wrecking contractors. Complete the following requirements in accordance with Indiana to become licensed:

  • Obtain general liability insurance

  • Post the required contractor license bond

  • Set up workman’s compensation coverage or obtain a waiver

  • Complete the contractor's company license application

    • Indicate the license type

      • Electrical, general, HVACR, plumbing, or wrecking

    • Indicate the company type

      • Corporation, LLC, partnership, or sole proprietorship

    • Provide the exact legal business name and pertinent business information

    • List the names and addresses of all those who have financial interests in the business

    • List all authorized agents

      • Listing up to five agents is free; each additional requires a $63 fee

More information on the licensing requirements, including examination and reciprocal license requirements, can be found on the Contractor Licenses page.

After becoming licensed, you must secure a permit to perform your work.

Why should you hire a licensed contractor?

Hiring an unlicensed contractor makes you personally responsible for any injuries, property damages, or additional costly repairs that occur. Contractors are required to be licensed, so if you believe a contractor is unlicensed or does not have a permit, call the Mayor’s Action Center at (317) 327-4622.

City-specific Indiana contractor bonds

Many cities within the state of Indiana hold their own requirements for contractors needing a bond. Find the bond you require today!

Indianapolis General Contractor Bond

The Consolidated City of Indianapolis requires a $10,000 contractor bond for any general contractors wishing to work within the city. Obtain this bond instantly online for $100 when you work with

City of South Bend Contractor Bond

The City of South Bend and St. Joseph County require building, electrical, HVAC, and sign contractors to post a $5,000 contractor bond and demolition contractors to post a $10,000 contractor bond. can issue the $5,000 bond for $50 and the $10,000 bond for $100.

Local 20 Contractor's Wage, Wage Deduction and Fringe Benefit Bond

The Local 20, Sheet Metal Workers International Association, AFL-CIO requires contractors to post a contractor bond. This bond is required in an amount ranging from $1,000 to $100,000. Regardless of the bond amount you require, this bond is subject to underwriting consideration, meaning an underwriting expert must examine your financials and credit history before determining whether and at what price a bond can be issued.

City of Peru Contractor Bond

A $20,000 contractor bond is required by the City of Peru Building Department to register as a contractor. This bond can be obtained for a one-year term for a $200 premium.

City of Beech Grove General Contractor Bond

The City of Beech Grove Treasurer's Department requires a $10,000 general contractor bond, payable to the city of Beech Grove. Get yours online today for $100.

Town of New Carlisle Contractor Bond

The Town of Carlisle Building Department requires applicants for a contractor license to obtain a $10,000 contractor bond. Purchase this bond instantly online for a $100 premium.

City of Gary Contractor License Bond

The City of Gary Building Department requires a $5,000 general contractor bond to obtain a contractor license. Other bonds may be required depending on the license type the contractor is applying for. A $5,000 general contractor bond costs $50 for a one-year term.

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