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New Jersey
Contractor Bonds

New Jersey Contractor Bonds

New Jersey Electrical Contractor Bond

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs requires electrical contractors to post a $1,000 contractor bond valid for a three-year term. These bonds expire every three years on March 31, meaning that the price of these bonds may be prorated depending on the bond’s exact term. Regardless of the term, there is a $100 minimum cost to these bonds — no credit check is required!

How to become licensed as an electrical contractor

The NJ Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors requires all electrical contractors to be licensed and hold a business permit. Applicants must first determine whether they meet the required qualifications:

  • Is 21 years or older

  • Has a high school diploma or equivalency certificate

  • Has had, immediately preceding the submission of the application, at least five years of hands-on experience working with tools in the installation, alteration, or repair of wiring for electric light, heat, or power, done in compliance with the National Electrical Code

    • Specifics for what hands-on work includes and excludes can be found here

All applications must be completed neatly, with a copy of a high school diploma or equivalent included, and they must be notarized and signed. The following applications may be required:

  • Application for Examination (Online Application)

    • Examination prep courses can be found here

  • Application for a Certificate of Registration to Practice as a Qualified Journeyman Electrician (Online Application)

  • Application for an Initial Business Permit

    • Proper procedures can be found here

  • Application for Continuing Education Course-Seminar Approval

    • Continuing education sponsors can be found here

  • Application for Reactivation of a Business Permit for an Electrical Contracting Business in New Jersey

  • Application for Reinstatement of a License to Practice as an Electrical Contractor

  • Application for Reinstatement of a Registration to Practice as a Qualified Journeyman Electrician

  • Application for Telecommunications Wiring Exemption

  • Application to Make Business Permit Changes

  • Work Experience Certification (Online Application)

  • Application to Reactivate an Inactive Electrical Contractors License

  • Electrical Contractors Duplicate License Form

Electrical contractors must also provide the following information in accordance with the application instructions:

  • Give a detailed account of your experience in electrical construction and installations, giving dates, employer(s), and your duties for a minimum of the past five years.

  • Submit proof of completion of a four-year apprenticeship program approved by both a federal agency and a federally certified state agency recognized by the Board and at least one year of hands-on experience acceptable to the Board. Anyone with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering will require two years of practical experience in the electrical construction field. A copy of the degree must be forwarded to this office.

  • Work Experience Certification forms are to be filled out by as many employers as necessary to show five or more years of electrical experience.

Statutes and regulations for electrical contractors can be found through the Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors. Licenses and business permits must be renewed every three years.

New Jersey city-specific contractor bonds

Cities, townships, and boroughs throughout the state of New Jersey hold their own specific requirements for contractors.

Township of West Deptford Sewer Contractor Bond

A $5,000 contractor bond is required of sewer contractors in the Township of West Deptford. These bonds can be purchased instantly online for a $100 premium.

City of Hoboken Contractor License Bond

Contractors in Hoboken must post a $10,000 contractor license bond. Purchase this bond instantly online for a one-year term for $100. Save time and money by purchasing your bond for multiple years upfront with a 25% multi-year discount.

Hoboken contractors are also be required to post a construction permit, which can be applied for with the online construction permit application.

Township of Wyckoff Contractor Bond

The Township of Wyckoff Building, Zoning & Property Maintenance Department mandates that contractors must post a building permit and a $10,000 contractor bond. This bond can be bought online instantly for $100.

Borough of Oakland Contractor Bond

The New Jersey borough of Oakland requires contractors to be permitted and post a $20,000 contractor bond. Purchase this bond for $100 instantly without a credit check!

City of Jersey City Contractor Bond

Jersey City requires contractors to complete a contractor/permit processor registration form and post a $15,000 bond. This bond can be issued to all applicants for 1% of the bond’s amount, or $150.

Borough of Franklin Lakes Contractor Bond

Contractors in the Borough of Franklin Lakes must apply for various permits and/or licenses, depending on their classification, which can be found on the Franklin Lakes Forms/Applications page. They must also post a $30,000 contractor license bond. This bond is issued for a one-year term, expiring annually on December 31, meaning that the price you pay may be prorated based on the exact term of the bond. For a full term, applicants can expect to pay $150. Any smaller term may result in a bond amount ranging from $100 to $150.

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