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Contractor Bonds

Connecticut Contractor Bonds

The state of Connecticut as well and numerous cities and municipalities require contractors to post surety bonds before completing any work. These bonds protect consumers from any negligent or harmful work done by the contractor. They also protect obligees (government entity requiring the bond) from any claims made by negatively affected consumers.

Many of these contractor bonds require underwriting, so a review of credit history, financials and/or the bond application must be done before a bond price can be quoted. The bonds that are not underwritten can be purchased instantly online for as low as $100. 

Home Improvement Contractors

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection requires home improvement contractors obtain a $15,000 contractor license bond. This bond requires underwriting, so the applicant's credit and/or financial history must be reviewed before a price can be quoted. 

Non-Resident Contractors

Contractors performing work in Connecticut who hold a non-resident status are required to obtain a surety bond. Nonresident contractor bond amount varies, so before submitting a bond application, the required bond amount must be verified with the bond obligee. An underwriter must review the bond application and the applicant's credit information before a quote can be issued.

A non-resident prime or general contractor working in Connecticut must post a contractor bond for specific projects. The bond amount varies, so the bond applicant must check with the obligee before obtaining a bond. Bond premium depends on a review of the bond application, bond amount and credit information. The best way to determine the premium you will pay for your bond is to submit a bond application!