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Contractor Bonds

Idaho Contractor Bonds

Contractors in Idaho are required by cities and contractor classifications to post a surety bond. These bonds protect consumers from any negligence or damages caused by the contractor. They also protect the obligee (government entity requiring the bond) from any claims filed by affected consumers.

HVAC Contractor Bond Requirements

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) specialty contractors are required by the Idaho Division of Building Safety to post a $2,000 surety bond to be licensed. This bond can be issued instantly online for $250. 

Fire Protection Sprinkler and Specialty Plumbing Contractor Bond Requirements

Fire protection sprinkler or specialty plumbing contractors are required by the state of Idaho to obtain a $2,000 contractor license bond. The fire protection sprinkler bond can be purchased instantly online for a $50 premium. The specialty plumbing contractor license bond costa $100 and can be obtained instantly online through the secure checkout.

Farm Labor Contractor Bond Requirements

The Idaho Department of Labor requires farm labor contractors to obtain a contractor license bond. This bond comes in two amounts depending on number of employees.

  • $10,000 amount - no more than 20 employees

  • $30,000 amount - 21 or more employees

These bonds are subject to underwriting consideration, meaning the bond's premium will depend on a review of the applicant's credit. 

Various cities in Idaho also hold contractor bond requirements. 

Pocatello Contractor Bond Requirements

The City of Pocatello Building Department requires contractors of various classifications to obtain a contractor license bond. There are three different required bond amounts each with their own bond premium. Which bond is required depends on the contractor's classification.

  • $10,000 amount - $100 premium - Building Class B, House Mover, Electrical Contractor, Excavator, Plumbing Apprentice, Plumbing Contractor, Sign Contractor

  • $25,000 amount - $125 premium - Building Class A-2

  • $50,000 amount - $250 premium - Building Class A-1

Other cities may have bond requirements as well. Check with the local government entity to verify if there are any contractor bond requirements.

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