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Idaho Contractor Bonds

Idaho Contractor Bond License Guide

Contractor bonds are required for any contractor wanting to become licensed in the state of Idaho. Though some bonds are required by the state, multiple cities in Idaho have various licensing requirements for contractors and their desired projects.

Why are contractor bonds required in Idaho?

Contractor bonds ensure that the principal (contractor) will abide by all applicable rules and legislation outlining his or her classification-specific work. They also protect consumers from damages caused by negligent or faulty work and obligees (Idaho government entities requiring the bond) from any claims made by affected consumers.

Consumers can file a claim against the surety bond; if found to have validity, the surety (the company that financially backs the bond) will pay the claim up to the bond’s full amount. However, the principal is required to reimburse the surety in full for any money paid out.

HVAC Specialty Contractor Bonds

HVAC specialty contractors are required by the state to post a $2,000 bond. Contractors can purchase this bond for a $250 premium for a three-year term.

The state of Idaho requires HVAC contractors to submit an application for an HVAC contractor license. The following requirements must be included:

  • $35 application fee

  • Social Security number

  • Copy of legal identification

  • $2,000 surety bond

  • Proof of qualification through working as a journeyman for longer than 24 months

  • Documentation of the successful completion of the HVAC contractor's examination

Specialty Plumbing Contractor License Bonds

Specialty plumbing contractors must post a $2,000 bond to become licensed to work in the state. This bond can be purchased instantly for a $100 premium for a one-year term.

Applicants for specialty plumbing contractor license’s must submit the following requirements for their specific plumbing profession, along with their application:

  • Mobile Home Setup or Installation

    • Proof of two years' field experience

    • Passing score on written plumbing examination (with applicable fee)

    • Certificate fees in accordance with the Idaho Code

  • Appliance Plumbing

    • $2,000 surety bond

    • Minimum of 30 months of experience as a journeyman

    • Completion of appliance plumbing specialty contractor’s exam

  • Water Pump

    • $2,000 surety bond

    • Minimum of 30 months of experience as a journeyman

    • Completion of water pump plumbing specialty contractor’s exam

Idaho town-specific contractor bonds

Many Idaho residents are required to post a surety bond with the city they work in. More information on specific cities can be found below.

City of Idaho Falls Right-of-Way Contractor Bonds

Right-of-way contractors in the City of Idaho Falls must post a $5,000 license bond. This bond has a $100 premium with a one-year term. For an upfront purchase of multiple years, an additional 25% off can be added to the purchase.

An application to obtain a City of Idaho Falls right-of-way permit must be submitted to the Public Works Department, along with the following:

City of Pocatello Contractor Bonds

Pocatello, Idaho contractors must post bonds ranging between $1,000 and $100,000, depending on the contractor type. The cost is dependent on the bond’s amount, ranging from a $100 to $250 premium for a one-year term.

Thirteen different types of contractor licenses are available within the City of Pocatello:

  • Building Class B, House Mover, Electrical Contractor, Excavator, Plumbing Apprentice, Plumbing Contractor, Sign Contractor

    • $10,000 surety bond

    • $100 premium

  • Building Class A-2

    • $25,000 surety bond

    • $125 premium

  • Building Class A-1

    • $50,000 surety bond

    • $250 premium

Contractors must submit an application indicating their contractor classification. Requirements for each contractor type can be found in the City of Pocatello’s Development Services Center.

Disclaimer: If you do not see the bond you need, check our list of bonds in Idaho or connect with a surety representative.

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