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Contractor Bonds

Georgia Contractor Bonds

Many cities and contractor classifications in Georgia require contractors to post a surety bond before they can begin any work. Many of the bond amounts vary based on individual requirements for contractors, so applicants should verify their necessary bond amount with the obligee (government entity requiring the bond) before submitting a bond application.

Contractor Bond Cost

Many contractor license bonds can be issued instantly online for a low premium ranging from $100-125. Some of these bonds are considered riskier and are written less freely. These bonds require underwriting, meaning an underwriter must review the application, credit history and/or financial records to determine if an applicant qualifies for the bond and the premium they will pay.

Residential and General Contractor Bond Requirements

Residential and general contractors in Georgia must obtain a $25,000 contractor bond before obtaining a license or beginning work. This bond is subject to underwriting, so the bond premium depends on a review of the applicant's credit and financial history.

Non-resident Contractor and Subcontractor Bond requirements

Non-resident contractors in Georgia are required to obtain a contractor tax bond. Subcontractors are required to obtain a sales and use bond. Both of these bonds have varying amounts, so verifying the necessary bond amount with the obligee ensures no issues with licensing or business occurs. These bonds are subject to underwriting, so the best way to determine the bond's premium is to submit a bond application.

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