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Contractor Bonds

Wyoming Contractor Bonds

Contractors in Wyoming may be required to obtain a surety bond by various cities and if they hold a non-resident status. These bonds are a form of consumer protection, meaning that if any damages caused by the contractor affect the consumer, they can file a claim. This claim will then be paid out by the surety company that issued the bond up to the full bond amount. The contractor is required by law to pay the surety back for any money paid out.

Wyoming Non-Resident Contractor Sales and Use Tax Bond

A non-resident contractor sales and use tax bond is required in an amount set by the obligee (government entity requiring the bond) before completing a bond application. The premium for this bond varies as well, so the applicant's credit and/or financial history must be reviewed before receiving a quote.

Sheridan Contractor Bond Requirements

The city of Sheridan requires contractors to post a surety bond in varying amounts depending on their contractor classification. A plumbing, HVAC, siding, roofing, glazing, masonry, concrete, plastering, drywall, acoustical, sign or solar contractor must post a $10,000 contractor bond. This bond can be issued instantly online for a $100 premium.

Commercial or residential general contractors must obtain a $25,000 contractor bond. This bond costs $125 and can be purchased online.

Lander Contractor Bond Requirement

The city of Lander Building Department requires contractors to post a $10,000 surety bond before being licensed. This bond can be purchased online for $100.

These are only a few of the cities that require contractor bonds. Verify with the obligee if they require contractors to be bonded. 

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