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New York
Contractor Bonds

New York Contractor Bonds

New York Contractor Bond License Guide

Contractor bonds are required for any contractor wanting to become licensed in the state of New York. Multiple towns and villages in the state of New York have various licensing requirements for contractors and their desired projects.

Why are contractor bonds required in New York?

Contractors in New York are required by multiple towns and villages to post surety bonds prior to starting work. These bonds ensure that the principal (contractor) will abide by all applicable rules and legislation outlining his or her classification-specific work. They also protect consumers from damages caused by negligent or faulty work and obligees (New York government entities requiring the bond) from any claims made by affected consumers.

Consumers can file a claim against the surety bond; if found to have validity, the surety (the company that financially backs the bond) will pay the claim up to the bond’s full amount. However, the principal is required to reimburse the surety in full for any money paid out.

New York town-specific contractor bonds

New York residents must post a surety bond with the village or town they are working in. More information on specific cities can be found below.

New York City Contractor Bonds

Contractor license bonds are required in the New York City. Bond amounts will vary by the type of contractor and cost of construction.

New York City Home Improvement Contractor Bond

Home improvement contractors in New York City must post a $20,000 license bond. This bond costs $10 per every thousand dollars of coverage, with a minimum cost of $100. This amount can be prorated to match the time remaining before the bond term’s end date.

To become licensed for home improvement in New York City, contractors must submit the following documentation to the NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection:

For more information on obtaining a New York City home improvement bond, visit NYC Consumer and Worker Protection.

New York City Parks and Recreation Private Contractor Bond

NYC Parks & Recreation private contractors must post bonds ranging between $1,000 and $100,000. The cost is currently underwritten, meaning the applicant’s credit history must be checked by a surety underwriter to determine the cost. The applicant will hold this bond for a one-year term after its purchase.

Contractor permit applications will need to be submitted to the Official Website of the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.

Additional documents are required to submit the application:

  • Applicant contact information

  • A statement that describes the workers, goals, length, and location of the proposed construction. An example of a statement can be viewed on the NYC Parks & Recreation website.

  • A rough estimate of the project’s cost

  • A map of the project’s location

  • A dimensioned site plan that includes the work zone, staging and storage areas, and landscape and tree protection. An example of a site plan can be found on the NYC Parks & Recreation website.

  • A spreadsheet of the surrounding trees, including their location, quality, and height.

  • The location’s current condition documented in photos and videos.

  • Subcontractors must have proper identification if they are working under the permit.

  • NYC Parks-determined surety bond

  • Certificate of insurance certified by the applicant’s broker. Additional requirements for the insurance can be found on the NYC Parks & Recreation website.

Applicants can learn more about their permit applications from the official NYC Parks & Recreation Construction Permits page.

Putnam County Contractor Bonds

A $25,000 contractor bond is required of contractors in Putnam County. These bonds can be purchased instantly online for varying costs and terms based on the bond type. To become registered to work in Putnam County, contractors must submit applications to the Office of Consumer Affairs.

Putnam County Home Improvement Contractor Bond

In Putnam County, home improvement contractors must pay a premium of $219 for their bonds for a two-year term.

Additional documents must be submitted along with the Putnam County registration form:

  • A copy of a Certified Business Certificate (Individual), Certified Partner Certificate (Partnerships), or Certified Filing Receipt (Corporations)

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance

  • Worker’s Compensation Form or Exemption Form

  • $25,000 surety bond

  • List of vehicle registrations used for the project

  • Current home improvement license(s) from other areas (if applicable)

  • Copy of driver’s license

  • $300 registration fee paid to Putnam County Commissioner of Finance

  • Photo of the owner, partner, or corporate officer

  • Certificate of attendance to the Lawn Care Best Management Practices (if applicable)

Putnam County Electrical or Plumbing Contractor Bond

Contractors must pay a $125 premium for an electrical or plumbing contractor bond in Putnam County. These bonds will have a one-year term.

Proper documentation and examinations must be submitted through the contractor’s application. Plumbers/mechanics and electrical contractors are separate registrations with the same required applications before taking the appropriate exam.

  • $150 application fee

  • Detailed proof of employment and education

  • Certificate of passing score on the Plumbing/Mechanical Exam or Electrical Journeyman/Master Electrician Exam

After passing the test, plumbers and electrical contractors will submit the second application with the following requirements:

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance

  • Certificate of Workers' Compensation

  • $25,000 surety bond

  • Child Support Form (attached page 6)

  • Copy of driver’s license

  • List of vehicles registered for the proposed project

  • Headshot of applicant submitted to Putnam County Consumer Affairs office or emailed to [email protected].

  • $500 license fee

  • Certificate of passing Browser Technology Exam, if applicable

  • A copy of a Certified Business Certificate (Individual), Certified Partner Certificate (Partnerships), or Certified Filing Receipt (Corporations)

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