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South Carolina
Contractor Bonds

South Carolina Contractor Bonds

Cities and contractor classifications in South Carolina require a surety bond to be obtained before a contractor can complete any work. These bonds protect the government entity requiring the bond (obligee) from an legal claims in the event a contractor fails to uphold all terms in their contract, causes damages or does not adhere to all applicable legislation.

General Contractor License Bonds

General contractor bonds are required for contractors who manage or supervise construction projects. These contractor bonds are separated into groups numbered 1 through 5. Groups numbers are each associated with a specific contractor bond amount.

  • Group 1 - $20,000

  • Group 2 - $80,000

  • Group 3 - $200,000

  • Group 4 - $350,000

  • Group 5 - $500,000

These bonds are underwritten, meaning credit or financial history may need to be reviewed before the bond cost can be determined.

Mechanical Contractor License Bonds

Any contractor typically in charge of any mechanized machinery, such as refrigeration or plumbing systems, must obtain a mechanical contractor bond. These bonds are also split into groups numbering 1 through 5 with each group having an associated bond amount.

  • Group 1 - $7,000

  • Group 2 - $20,000

  • Group 3 - $40,000

  • Group 4 - $80,000

  • Group 5 - $400,000

An underwriter must review an application along with financial or credit history to determine the bond's premium.

Many cities in South Carolina have their own contractor bond requirements. For example, the city of Forest Acres requires a $2,000 contractor bond. These bonds are instant issue and can be purchased online for $100.