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Contractor Bonds

Oklahoma Contractor Bonds

Multiple cities and contractor classifications in the state of Oklahoma require contractors to post a surety bond. These bonds ensure the principal (contractor) will complete all work as outlined in their contract as well as adhere to all applicable regulations and codes. Obligees (government entity requiring the bond) are also protected from any claims filed because of negligent work or damages. If a claim is filed by an afflicted party, an amount up to the full bond amount must be paid by the surety company. The surety will then be paid back in full by the principal.

Oklahoma Contractor Bond Requirements

Oklahoma requires various contractor classifications to obtain surety bonds as a source of consumer protection.

Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors

The Oklahoma Construction Industries Board requires electrical, mechanical and plumbing contractors to post a $5,000 surety bond. This bond can be obtained instantly online for a $50 premium.

Non-Resident Contractors

The Oklahoma Tax Commission requires all non-residents of Oklahoma looking to become a registered contractor in Oklahoma must first post a surety bond. This bond's amount varies, so verify the required bond amount with the tax commission before submitting a bond application.

This bond is subject to underwriting consideration, meaning the bond amount, applicant's credit history and financials may be reviewed before a bond quote can be issued.

City-Specific Bond Requirements

Various cities in Oklahoma require surety bonds to be obtained. Enid, Del City, and Tulsa are only a few cities that hold requirements for contractors based on contractor classifications. 

Enid Contractor Bond Requirements

Sign and demolition contractors performing work within the city are required to obtain a $10,000 contractor bond. These bonds can be purchased instantly online for a $100 premium. 

Arborist contractors in the city of Enid must post a $50,000 contractor bond. This bond requires underwriting consideration, meaning an underwriter must review the bond application and the applicant's credit information before issuing a quote. Obtaining a quote is the only way to find out how much an arborist will pay for their contractor bond.

Del City Contractor Bond Requirements

Electrical, mechanical and plumbing contractors are required by Del City to post a $5,000 contractor bond. These bonds can be purchased instantly online for $50.

Fallout and storm shelter contractors in Del City must obtain a $2,000 contractor bond. This bond can also be purchased online for a $50 premium.

Tulsa Contractor Bond Requirements

Sprinkler contractors in the city of Tulsa are required by the Tulsa Permit Center to post a $2,500 contractor bond. Applicants can purchase this surety bond online for $50. 

Sidewalk and driveway contractors must post a $5,000 surety bond as required by the Tulsa Development Services Department. This bond expires annually on December 31st and offers a prorated premium. This means that the price of the bond will change depending on its term, but will never cost lower than the bond's $50 minimum premium. 

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