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Contractor Bonds

Florida Contractor Bonds

What is a Florida contractor license bond?

Florida contractor license bonds are required by the state, as well as cities and municipalities throughout the state, before a contractor can become licensed. These bonds protect consumers and the government entity that requires the bond (obligee) from any damages or harm caused by the contractor (principal) and any negligent or illegal practices. Consumers affected by harmful practices can file a claim against the bond up to its full amount.

How much do Florida contractor bonds cost?

The state of Florida requires all contractors to post a $5,000 surety bond. This bond can be issued instantly online for $100.

There are many other city- and county-specific bonds that may be required in addition to, or in place of, the Florida state contractor bond. These bond amounts will vary depending on local requirements. Some city-specific FL contractor bonds may be issued instantly online for a set premium, while others require underwriting consideration as they are deemed riskier.

Check with your local municipality to ensure all necessary contractor bonds are obtained.

Examples of city-specific contractor license bonds

Haines City Contractor License Bond

The city of Haines City requires contractors to be licensed by the state of Florida and to obtain a building permit within Haines City. Before contractors can be issued a permit, they must be registered with the city. One requirement of being registered is to obtain a $5,000 contractor license bond. This bond can be obtained for a $100 premium through

City of Kissimmee

The city of Kissimmee Building Division requires contractors to post a $5,000 contractor bond. These bonds expire annually September 30th, meaning the premium you will pay for your bond may vary depending on what date the bond is issued. This bond can be purchased for a minimum of $100.

Nassau County Contractor License Bond

A $2,000 contractor license bond is required by the Nassau County Building Department as a requirement to become a licensed contractor. Purchase this bond instantly online for a $100 premium.

City of Lynn Haven Contractor Bond

The city of Lynn Haven’s Building Department requires applicants to submit a $5,000 contractor bond as a requirement for a work permit. This bond can be purchased instantly online by all applicants for a $100 premium for a one-year term. Applicants interested in saving money could take advantage of a 25% multi-year discount, meaning if you purchase two years' worth of bond coverage upfront, it would cost $175 total instead of two $100 payments.

City of Winter Haven Contractor License Bond

The city of Winter Haven requires contractors to post a $10,000 contractor license bond before obtaining a building permit or a license. Purchase this bond instantly online for a $100 premium for a one-year term or a 25% multi-year discount for a two-year term for $175.

Orange County Contractor Performance Bond

The Orange County Division of Building Safety requires contractors to post a $5,000 bond to obtain a license. Orange County contractor bonds expire annually on September 30th, meaning that the price of your bond may be prorated based on the date your bond goes into effect. This bond can be purchased for a premium of $100 minimum.

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How to become a licensed Florida contractor

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), Construction Industry License Board requires all contractors in the state to become licensed. Contractors must:

Certified Florida Contractor Licenses

Obtaining a certified license in Florida allows the contractor to operate anywhere within the state. These licenses are statewide.

Registered Florida Contractor Licenses

Registered licenses in Florida are limited to local jurisdictions (based on each registered license obtained) and only allow for work to be done in cities or counties where a certificate of competency is held.

Licensed in another state?

Individuals licensed in another state may be able to obtain a limited non-renewable registration to complete a single project in Florida. These limited non-renewable registrations can be found on the Florida DBPR Construction Limited Non-Renewable Registration Page.

How to become a licensed Florida electrical contractor

The Florida Electrical Contractors' Licensing Board requires all electrical contractors to obtain a license before work can begin. There are a few requirements for all electrical contractor applicants, regardless of the type of license they apply for.

How to apply for a Florida farm labor license

The Florida Farm Labor Program requires all farm laborers to obtain a license to ensure that Florida farm workers are protected from harmful work situations and exploitation. Determine how to become a licensed farm laborer in Florida following these steps:

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