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Contractor Bonds

Wisconsin Contractor Bonds

Wisconsin Contractor License Bonds

Many cities and counties within the state of Wisconsin require contractors to obtain a license. Often, a license must be obtained before permits can be issued for individual projects.

Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor

In accordance with Wisconsin Legislature: SPS 305.31, any dwelling contractor wishing to perform work on a one- or two-family dwelling must obtain a building permit. However, the contractor must fulfill the following requirement before a permit can be sought:

  • Hold a Dwelling Contractor Certification OR a Dwelling Contractor Restricted Certification

    • You must hold, or have as an employee, a certification issued by the Department as a Dwelling Contractor Qualifier

What can I do with a Dwelling Contractor-Restricted Certification?

Obtaining a restricted certification means that you, as the contractor, cannot perform any work that exceeds the bond amount.

How to become a certified WI dwelling contractor

Before beginning the Wisconsin dwelling contractor certification application, first determine whether you qualify for certification.

  • Submit a statement certifying that you comply with worker’s compensation and unemployment compensation requirements as outlined under 101.654 (2).

  • Submit evidence of a WI dwelling contractor bond or liability insurance in accordance with 101.654 (2).

    • Applicants applying with a bond more than $5,000 and less than $25,000 can only be issued a restricted certification.

    • Applying with a bond of $25,000 means an unrestricted certification could be obtained.

To become a certified dwelling contractor in Wisconsin, regardless of which certification you hold, you must submit the following information:

Dwelling Contractor Certifications and Dwelling Contractor-Restricted Certifications are only valid for one year after the date of issuance.

Once you are certified as a WI dwelling contractor, a permit can be applied for online through the DSPS online Permit system. More information on building permits and who can obtain one can be found on the WBA page for Building Permit Information.

How much do Wisconsin contractor bonds cost?

Many Wisconsin contractor license bonds can be issued instantly online for a set premium, such as a $25,000 dwelling contractor bond being issued to every applicant for a $250 premium. However, there may be a few exceptions, such as a dwelling contractor bonds at an amount between $5,000 and $24,999 being issued instantly online for a premium of $5 per every $1,000 of the bond amount, with a $100 minimum.

City-specific WI contractor bonds

Cities across the state hold their own specific license, certification, registration, and/or permit requirements for contractors. This also means that cities may have their own specific bond requirements for contractors.

City of Milwaukee Concrete Contractor Bond

Electrical, plumbing, concrete, and home improvement contractors are all required by the City of Milwaukee to be bonded before they can obtain a permit. Concrete contractors must post a $5,000 contractor bond to become licensed. This bond can be purchased instantly online for a $100 premium.

City of Waukesha Concrete Contractor Bond

A $5,000 concrete contractor bond is required by the City of Waukesha Public Works Department of any concrete contractor looking to become licensed. Purchase your Waukesha concrete contractor bond online today through for a $100 premium.

City of Sheboygan Contractor Bond

The City of Sheboygan requires contractors to become licensed. To do so, contractors are required to post a $5,000 contractor bond, which can be obtained online instantly for a set premium of $100.

City of Madison Contractor Bond

The Madison Department of Engineering, Public Works Division requires contractors within the city to post a $5,000 contractor bond. Applicants must indicate the type of license they are applying for when submitting a bond application. All applicants will be approved instantly online for this bond for a $100 set premium.

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