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Contractor Bonds

Kansas Contractor Bonds

The state of Kansas and various cities within the state require contractors of various classifications to post a surety bond. Most Kansas contractor bonds can be purchased instantly online for as little as $100.

Non-resident Bond Requirements

Non-resident contractors in Kansas must obtain a contractor bond. This bond amount varies and the best way to determine the required bond amount is to contact the obligee. This bond requires underwriting, meaning the premium for this bond will depend on a review of the bond application, the applicant's credit and the bond amount.

City-Specific Contractor Bond Requirements

Various cities hold their own requirements for contractors to be bonded. Wichita and Emporia are two examples but are not the only cities with additional requirements.

Wichita Contractor Bond Requirements

The City of Wichita Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department requires contractors to post a $5,000 contractor license bond. This bond can be purchased instantly online for a one-year term for $100. A bond covering a term of two or more years can be purchased with a 25% discount.

Emporia Contractor Bond Requirements

The city of Emporia requires contractors to obtain a $5,000 contractor bond. This bond expires annually on December 31. This bond in a one-year term starting and ending on December 31 costs $100. If the bond is purchased on any other day, the bond premium will be prorated. The bond holds a $100 minimum premium, but the prorated amount could be greater than that.

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