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Contractor Bonds

Nebraska Contractor Bonds

Many cities in Nebraska require contractors to obtain a surety bond before they can become licensed. Surety bonds protect consumers and the obligee (government entity requiring the bond) from any legal claims as a result of damages caused by the contractor. The bond terms also require the contractor to adhere to all applicable codes, regulation and pay all taxes.

City of Omaha Contractor Bond Requirements

The city of Omaha requires contractors to obtain a $10,000 general contractor bond. This bond can be purchased instantly for a $100 premium.

Electrical contractors in Omaha are required to obtain a $12,500 surety bond to be licensed. Contractors will pay just $125 for this electrical contractor bond. 

Excavation contractors are required by the city to post a $20,000 surety bond. This bond can be purchased for $200 instantly through

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